Sensref Bluetooth Tabanlı Bataryalı Duman Sensörü

Sensref Bluetooth Based Battery Powered Smoke Sensor

Sensref Duman Sensörü is a battery powered independent photoelectric smoke detector, mainly used for detecting surrounding smoke concentration. It will make loud audio alert when the concentration exceeds its alarm threshold, and send an alarm signal to the Bluetooth gateway at the same time.


Communication  Bluetooth 4.1 
Output Power (-) 20 dBm to 4 dBm
Sensor Sensitivity 1%~3%/FT(0.14~0.43dB/m)
Operation Voltage 4.5VDC (3xAA size battery)
Communication Distance upto 100 meters
Indicator  Led, Buzzer
Output Signal  Alarm report, tamper alert, battery level status, heartbeat report
Working Temperature (-)10~50 Celcius
Instalation Accesories  Instalation Panel 
Dimension 130*130*35 mm, 260 Gr ( include batteries )