Sensref Bluetooth Tabanlı Doğal Gaz Sensörü

Sensref Bluetooth Based Natural Gas Sensor

Sensref Gaz Sensörü, also called natural gas alarm, is mainly used for detecting the leakage of fuel gas to prevent gas poisoning or explosion. It is equipped with advanced combustible gas detecting elements, having the characteristics of high sensitivity, low power consumption, fast response/recover speed, stable performance and long working life etc


Communication  Bluetooth 4.1 
Output Power (-) 20 dBm to 4 dBm
Sensor Sensitivity 10%LEL±3%LEL
Operation Voltage 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Communication Distance upto 100 meters
Indicator  Led, Buzzer (
≥85dB at 1m distance)
Output Signal  Alarm report, tamper alert, battery level status, heartbeat report
Working Temperature (-)10~50 Celcius
Instalation Accesories  Instalation Panel 
Dimension 140mm*164mm*42mm