About Us

ANKAREF, which was established in 2007 to produce solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT), took important steps towards becoming an 'IoT Service Provider' with its successful projects in a short time and became one of the most important representatives of the sector.

ANKAREF, which provides service with its Istanbul Teknopark office in addition to its headquarters in METU Technopolis in Ankara, leads the way in technological developments based on innovation with its strong team.

ANKAREF, which produces solutions that will minimize human errors in many different sectors, ensure the correct management of processes, and reduce operating costs, manages to be one step ahead of its competitors by developing technological products based on R&D. ANKAREF carries out successful projects within the framework of the IoT concept in industry verticals such as public, retail, textile, health, production, defense and logistics.

ANKAREF, which is on the way to become a world brand with its projects and solution partnerships that it has realized in the international arena, is honored to be one of the domestic companies with global competitiveness in a short time thanks to its sustainable productivity.

ANKAREF, with the slogan of “National Production International Market”, aims to be the immersive institution of exports with high value-added solutions on the road it has set out to “build the future from today”.