About Us

ANKAREF, which was established in 2007 to produce solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT), took important steps towards becoming an 'IoT Service Provider' with its successful projects in a short time and became one of the most important representatives of the sector.

ANKAREF, which provides service with its Istanbul Teknopark office in addition to its headquarters in METU Technopolis in Ankara, leads the way in technological developments based on innovation with its strong team.

ANKAREF, which produces solutions that will minimize human errors in many different sectors, ensure the correct management of processes, and reduce operating costs, manages to be one step ahead of its competitors by developing technological products based on R&D. ANKAREF carries out successful projects within the framework of the IoT concept in industry verticals such as public, retail, textile, health, production, defense and logistics.

ANKAREF, which is on the way to become a world brand with its projects and solution partnerships that it has realized in the international arena, is honored to be one of the domestic companies with global competitiveness in a short time thanks to its sustainable productivity.

ANKAREF, with the slogan of “National Production International Market”, aims to be the immersive institution of exports with high value-added solutions on the road it has set out to “build the future from today”.

Message From The CEO

On the road we set out in 2007, we proceed to the target with confident steps. Our goal is to make Ankaref, a global brand that Turkey's proud of.

IoT (Internet of Things) - The world of Internet of Things is growing rapidly every day. While there were about 15 billion IoT endpoints in the world in 2015, today this figure has reached approximately 30 billion. It is estimated that there will be approximately 75 billion IoT endpoints in 2025. The IoT market, which was approximately 100 billion USD in 2015, is 250 billion USD today. In 2025, the IoT market is expected to be 1.5 trillion USD. These data are only data of the IoT market. When we add communication, cloud, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and other services that arise thanks to IoT, a huge market emerges.

Ankaref is taking firm steps to become one of the important players in this market. In the last 13 years we have managed to become one of the companies leading the IOT industry not only in Turkey but also in the international market. With its approach that puts innovation and R&D at its focal point, it has proved the level of Turkish engineers by showing the success of signing the first projects realized in our country and even in the world.

ANKAREF, which has received numerous awards such as Europe's Best RFID Company, European Business Award in the field of customer satisfaction, Innovation Brand of the Year, Deloitte Fast 50 in 2019, is the fastest growing company in total, increasing its knowledge and turning new technologies into new products. and it continues to produce for Turkey.

The most important value that differentiates Ankaref in the IoT sector is to listen well to our customers, analyze their needs in the best way and thus provide end-to-end IoT solutions in dozens of industries. In addition, we provide our customers' processes with small technological touches to increase cost advantage, quality or brand value.

In the last 13 years, Ankaref has successfully implemented its service business model in many different sectors. As of 2020, we are starting to recommend our business model of providing a service model solution in all sectors if our customer requests it. In this model, our customer will not need to purchase any software, hardware. In these processes, we will work as part of our client and we will win as long as our client wins. When we are in the process, we will meet our customer's needs as long as our customer receives this service with our service-based model that can meet our customer's needs 24/7. Although technology changes, additional improvements will be provided in software, but with our customer's interest, we will ensure more efficient use of resources and the use of uninterrupted technology.

To date, we offer cold chain and stock tracking of vaccines to our children as a service throughout the country. We follow the world's largest cold chain system with instant monitoring and tracking service at approximately 12,350 locations. Determination of concrete quality, smart warehouses, asset management, production process tracking, cow estrus, smart library and museums, logistics management and defense industry solutions are among the areas studied by Ankaref.

Ankaref completes ideas, R&D, design and production processes like a factory and offers different products to the use of its customers. Products with the potential to be commercialized are now transformed into a new company and continue on their way. Today we have companies that leave Ankaref and continue their commercial activity.

We know that a producing Turkey will never be exposed to overseas-based crises. We will continue to spend every penny we earn from this country and abroad to our people and our country with the awareness that we have to leave our country, our children at a higher level, which our ancestors entrusted to us.

As we grow, our country will grow. Therefore, we will increase our export activities with the knowledge and experience we have achieved so far. To protect our innovative structure, invest in technology and people, increase our prevalence and effectiveness in the existing sectors where we operate, and place more in the international market in line with our vision that will carry our company to the future our most important goal.

I would like to thank all our stakeholders, especially our customers, employees and business partners, for their valuable contributions and their commitment and trust in us.

We know with faith from the late Prof.Dr.Fuat Sezgin Teacher's "You can, because you did it before".

Best regards.
Chairman of the Board of Directors / CEO

Board of Directors

Chairman / CEO

He graduated from METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1997 and began his career at NTT, where he worked for 3 years. After 1 year as a project manager at Başarı Telekom, he worked as a consultant at the World Bank for 6 years. In 2007, he founded Ankaref. Binici is married and has two children.

Gökhan FIDAN
Board Member

He graduated from METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1997 and began his career at NTT, where he worked for 3 years. Fidan, who was technical manager for a total of 7 years, including Compaq and later at HP, founded Ankaref in 2007. Fidan is married and has 2 children.

Management Team

Business Director, Sales and Business Development

After graduating from Hacettepe Construction Department, Ertürk started his career in 2002 in the sales department of Ekspa Computer Inc., and worked in different roles in Servus Computer Inc., Teknoser Computer Inc. and LST Software companies respectively. In 2015, she joined the Ankaref family as senior sales manager. Since 2018, Ertürk works as Business Director for Sales and Business Development in Ankaref Ankara office. Ertürk is married and has 1 child.

Yıldırım YOLCU
Business Director, Sales and Business Development

Started his career in 2007 at Ford Otosan Inc. Yolcu completed his master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Karadeniz Technical University and a master's degree in Kocaeli University MBA program. For 10 years, he worked as an Engineer and Team Leader in Manufacturing and Logistics processes at different locations of Ford Otosan Inc. He joined the Ankaref family in 2017 and has worked on technology and process analysis. Yolcu, who has been business director in charge of Sales and Business Development at an Ankaref Istanbul office since 2018, is married and has 2 children.

Cüneyt ÇOLAK
Business Director, Administrative and Financial Affairs

He graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Business administration in 2009 and began his career at OPAN Inc. in 1999. He worked in Accounting and Finance at Opan Inc. for 6 years and continued his career in Accounting and Finance at Yeni Gimat Business Administration Inc. since 2005. Çolak joined the Ankaref family in 2015 and has been business director in charge of Administrative and Financial Affairs since 2018. Çolak, who received the title of Freelance Accountant and Financial Advisor in 2017, is married and has 1 child.

Business Director, R&D Production

Yasar graduated from Middle East Technical University electrical and electronics engineering and began his career as a founding partner at Yonca Technology in 2006; in this process, he worked in innovative projects in the field of e-commerce and distance education; invloved in enterprises such as otostart.com and Udemy. Yasar joined the Ankaref family in 2011 and has served as Senior Software Specialist, Software Team Leadership, Presales and Business Development Management and Technical Solution Manager. Yasar, who has contributed to the localization and nationalization of certain products and processes by taking part in projects nationally and internationally throughout his working life, has been the Business Director in charge of R&D in the Ankaref Ankara office since 2018. Yaşar is married and has 2 children.

Emrehan SEVER
Business Director, R&D Production

Sever graduated from Kadir Has University Industrial Engineering and began his career in Vakko Tekstil ve Hazır Giyim San. İşl. A.Ş.in 2011 as sn Assistant Expert at IT&T Group. In various companies; he has been employed as an executive in positions focused on business development and product in logistics, retail technologies and IoT titles. Sever joined the Ankaref family in 2017 and has been the Business Director in charge of R&D in the Ankaref Istanbul office since 2018.

Business Director, Sales and Business Development Department

Özbay graduated from Hacettepe University Computer Engineering and started his career in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Accounting Affairs Department and PDI-Erkom A.Ş. in 1991 and software developer, system manager, database for 17 years manager and business development manager positions. Between 2008 and 2018, he served as an IT specialist in various EU and World Bank projects, a process and strategy consultant in Stratek Stratejik Teknolojiler Ar-Ge Ltd. Sti. in public projects and a project manager in public ERP software.Özbay, who joined the Ankaref family in 2018 and took on the role of Business Director in charge of Sales and Business Development, is married and has 2 children.

Business Director, Software Design and Development

He completed his undergraduate, master's and doctorate education in Civil Engineering at Ataturk University in 2004 and started his career at Ataturk University as an academic. Yavuz, who carried out his academic studies in software development, worked as a consultant in the World Bank ARIP project in 2002. Yavuz joined the Ankaref family in 2015 and has been the Business Director in Charge of Software Design and Development since 2018. Yavuz is married and has 3 children.

Business Director, IT Department

Küçükalioğlu graduated from Middle East Technical University mechanical engineering department and began his career as a software developer in METU Information Processing Department. Küçükalioğlu completed METU Computer Engineering Software Engineering master's program and took on the duties of System Engineer at STFA Enerkom, Altay Group of Companies and Information Systems Manager at Akfen Holding respectively. He was a senior database manager for 6 years since 2002 as part of the World Bank ARIP Project. Selim Küçükalioğlu, who also served as an Information Technology consultant in numerous European Union projects during his time at the Ministry, is a senior IT consultant at the European Union Delegation to Turkey until 2016, System Group Manager and IT consultant at the Ministry of Agriculture. Küçükalioğlu joined the Ankaref family as a solution architect in 2016 and has been the Business Director in charge of IT Department at Ankaref Ankara office since 2018. He is married and has one child.

Business Director, After Sales Services

Dinçer graduated from Marmara University Business Administration Department and completed her Master's Degree in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LITE) and started her career in Vestel Elechronic A.Ş. Information Technologies. Dinçer, who worked as SAP Consultant and Project Manager in global companies such as T-Systems Turkey, SNT Turkey and Mercedes Benz Türk, joined the Ankaref family as Regional Manager in 2016. Dinçer, who has been the Business Director in charge of After Sales Services at Ankaref Istanbul office since 2018, is married and has 3 children.

Kutay MERT
Business Director, After Sales Services

Mert graduated from Osmangazi University Department of Industrial Engineering in 2000 and began his career as Project Manager at Meteksan Sistem. He worked as an administrator in various companies in the IT sector, such as archive-service bureaus, software and integration in the public, health, defense sectors. Mert joined the Ankaref family in 2016 and has been the Business Director in charge of After Sales Services at Ankaref Ankara office since 2018.

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to become worldwide leader IoT operator company by using the increasing business process know-how acquired by hands-on experience which, in principle, takes & shapes the technology as a tool to utilize, not a purpose to fulfill.


By empathizing with our customers, putting ourselves in their shoes; and also keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level, our mission is to get to know the business process of the customers at least as much as them, and to provide appropriate IoT Solutions resulting in cost efficiency, leading quality improvement and rise in the brand value, while limiting the changes in their business process at an absolute minimum.

Our Affiliates

With the integration of KAMREF and RFID technology with library, archive and museum business processes, operations that take a long time and require a large number of staff to work together can be completed in a very short time.


Fonri Wireless Smart Security System lets you secure your home and make your daily life easier. Wherever you are in the world, you follow what's going on with the indoor and outdoor cameras, and you're instantaneously informed of the data from the sensors.


ACTIMOO follows the animal's estrus by connecting the pedometer to the animal and plugging the reader into the outlet without any infrastructure. Timing is the right solution for seeding: From mobile phones, tablets and computers with iOS or Android, you can graphically display the movements of your animals with pedometer.


Monioo started its activities in 2016 and offers software, business solutions, consultancy and research developments throughout Turkey.


BanaSoor is a platform where experts in their field meet with their clients. It provides online video or audio calls with experts in many fields from technology to business world, from marketing to healthcare. Anyone can become a member as an Expert or a Client.




Organizational Structure

Ethical Principles

  • We have true, honest and clear values.
  • We are customer oriented . We create value for customers, meet their demands and requirements at the highest level.
  • We provide quality products and services.
  • We compete by adhering to work ethic and ethical values.
  • We work with team spirit with goal-oriented.
  • We make a difference with technology leadership and innovative approach.
  • It is always our goal to be the best.

What is expected of ANKAREF employees is listed below:

  • Fulfilling their duties within the framework of basic moral and human values
  • To be well-intentioned and understanding in all your relationships
  • Continuously improving their professional skills and quality of service
  • Not to profit unfairly from individuals and organizations in any way
  • Not to engage in behavior that prevents other employees from doing their jobs properly, not to disrupt work compliance
  • To be aware that a superior effort and attention must be made in observing ANKAREF's rights, interests and public opininon
  • Not to share any financial and trade secrets of ANKAREF and any information or document belonging to customers with others and not to disclose confidential information
  • Not to share information and documents obtained by business with unauthorized persons and authorities on and off-premises for any purpose
  • Act with the awareness that ANKAREF employees' rights and information are within the "privacy" framework, to protect them and to ensure their privacy
  • Not to use publicly available information about the companies and their customers and other persons and companies they do, or to share with third parties without obtaining the necessary permissions