Fixref is a asset tracking and management system that enables fast and error-free tracking of assets in public and private institutions with RFID technology.

According to the properties of the assets (computer, table, chair, cabinet, etc.), the most suitable UHF RFID tags are selected and the name, number, barcode information of the assets are recorded on these tags. The tracking of assets that are individually identified is carried out effectively.

With the RFID handheld terminal, fast and effective counting of all assets can be made and the desired assets can be reached easily. The system can easily determine whether the relevant asset is located in the correct location or the location of a sought-after asset.

Fixref Features:

  • Mobile embezzlement change via handheld terminal
  • Web-based architecture
  • Operation and Reporting in accordance with Movable Property Regulation No. 5018
  • Fast counting with multiple handheld terminals at the same time
  • Wired and wireless transactions
  • Compatible with all databases
  • Android hardware / handheld terminal
  • Location, warehouse and embezzlement-based counting