In defense industry, ANKAREF offers advanced solutions using IoT technology with integrated structure systems by keeping the data collected from the field securely, providing access only to authorized persons to the data, generating alarm in non-standard situations.

ANKAREF Defense Solutions:

  • RFID Based Equipment, Ammunition, Weapon Tracking System (TMSREF)
  • Smart Warehouse Management Solution
  • Logistics Tracking Solutions
  • Real-Time Visitor Location Tracking System
  • Military Shipment Tracking
  • Ambient Values Tracking Solution
  • Cold Chain Tracking
  • Fixture Tracking System

RFID Based Equipment, Ammunition, Weapon Tracking System(TMSREF)

Equipment, Ammunition, Weapon Tracking System (Tmsref) is a solution that includes important functions such as input/exit control, person/weapon match, instant monitoring and sound alarm in unauthorized operations, using software and equipment integrated with RFID (Radio Frequency and Identification) of weapons tanks and weapons.


  • Live gun shelter monitoring module
  • Live gun tracking module
  • Entry/Exit Authorization Modules
  • Search, discovery and counting module
  • UHF RFID handheld terminal
  • Smart lock
  • RFID table kit
  • Mobile RFID kit
  • Gun reading point
  • Biometric reader
  • Live gun shelter monitoring system
  • Live gun monitoring system

Smart Warehouse Management Solution

Smart Warehouse Management is a solution that works integrated with ERP systems, increases warehouse efficiency, and reduces logistics and worker costs. In goods acceptance, stacking, distribution and shipment operations, the materials are made one by one with the traditional barcode system, while UHF RFID tags and RFID technology can be defined in one go thanks to the mobile device and pass systems together with the Smart Warehouse Management solution. Materials can be monitored instantly with passive or active RFID tags selected according to the needs.


  • Fast and error-free warehouse entry/exit processes
  • Planning the shipment according to the first in, first out (FIFO) rule
  • Instant monitoring of product maintenance processes
  • Instant monitoring of all warehouses from a single center

Logistics Tracking Solutions

Logistics Tracking Solutions, provides easy and reliable management of logistics operations on-site, such as storage and shipment stages, warehouse acceptance, warehouse exit, verification of the location to be shipped, current stock status, search / discovery and counting by using RFID hardware and integrated software.


  • Instant verification of physical data and digital data
  • Elimination of manual data entry into the system
  • Generating information by generating alarms in unauthorized transactions
  • Instant monitoring of all systems from a single center
  • Providing instant data to decision support systems
  • Integration with enterprise applications

Real-Time Visitor Location Tracking System

Real Time Visitor Location Tracking System is a solution that allows the visitors entering the institution for a certain purpose to be monitored on the sketch instantly within the building. A battery-powered beacon device is given to the visitor who enters, the route to go in the building is determined in line with its purpose, and if it is detected at a point outside the route, an alarm is generated by the system.


  • Preventing visitors from entering/leaving areas without permission
  • Alarming security guards in case of an unauthorized transaction
  • Elimination of the need for accompanying persons by instantly monitoring the visitors on the sketch
  • In emergency situations, giving warning to the necessary people with the 'emergency button'

Military Shipment Tracking

Military Cargo Tracking is a solution that instantly monitors all kinds of materials transported by land and air vehicles in the field thanks to identification technologies. In this solution, where low cost UHF RFID tags are also used, it provides a serious labor and time saving thanks to unauthorized transaction notification functions in important transactions such as incoming / outgoing shipment tracking, correct shipment / vehicle matching with RFID mobile device and RFID door passage systems.


  • Getting the right shipment with the right vehicle
  • Fast counting and searching/finding with RFID
  • Instant control of the product shipped with dispatch orders
  • Saving money by preventing erroneous transactions

Ambient Values Tracking Solution

Ambient Values Monitoring Solution monitors the ambient values instantly by using sensors such as temperature, humidity, air quality, smoke, vibration, motion, and if these values are out of the specified reference values, an alert is sent to the authorized people by SMS, e-mail or audible alarm and immediately to negative situations. provides intervention.


  • Instant notification about expired or not stored under correct conditions
  • Instant notification when an unwanted situation occurs
  • Prevention of situations that put personnel health at risk by using technology

Cold Chain Tracking

Cold Chain Tracking is a solution that allows the tracking of the freshness of easily spoiled foods, all medicines and vaccines, in the storage environment, during shipment and at the location they go. The temperature of the shipped products is measured throughout the transportation and if the product is exposed to an undesired situation, an alarm is generated and the protection of the cold chain is guaranteed.


  • Tracking the cold chain with active RFID sensors at 433Mhz frequency suitable for SBT band
  • Temperature tracking of cabinets with components such as vaccines, blood, antiserums and drugs
  • Alarm generation and information of relevant managers via SMS when reference temperature values are excluded
  • Preventing the use of cold chain broken components

Fixture Tracking System

With the Fixture Tracking System, RFID tags (metal surface, non-metal surface, etc.) appropriate for the type of in-house fixtures are selected and fixtures are identified. In this way, location and person based counting, searching / finding and embezzlement changes of the fixtures are carried out quickly and accurately.


  • Real time inventory counting
  • Operation in accordance with the Movable Property Regulation No. 5018
  • Fast and error-free counting with RFID
  • Management from a single center
  • Instant embezzlement change