Artieles (RTLS) is a platform used for tracking fixed and moving inventory, production tracking and in-warehouse equipment (forklift, reachtruck, towtruck, etc.) and monitoring staff in real-time location tracking. The goal is to view asset information for more efficient use of resources based on location and share it through third-party software and web services.

Artieles Features:

  • Efficient equipment/inventory management
  • Route-based equipment/inventory counting and search
  • Route-based and real-time moving equipment/inventory and staff tracking
  • Reporting
  • Third-party software integration with web service
  • Active resource management
  • Route compatibility analysis
  • Time analyses for staff to be mobile/immobile
  • Work/non-work time analysis for equipment
  • Heat map and spaghetti diagram-based reporting
  • Equipment activity rate reports
  • Personnel entry/exit tracking
  • Banned zone tracking
  • Visitor tracking