ANKAREF retail solutions increase the product traceability from the distribution center to the sales, thus optimizing the supply and distribution operations. It is possible to increase stock accuracy rates with fast counts in stores and warehouses. RFID technology supports multi-channel sales by ensuring consistency between recorded and actual data and increases customer satisfaction, sales volume and profit by enabling access to the product requested in physical and online stores at the right time, at the right amount and at the right cost. It enables to solve the issues such as increasing the number of products sold in the season, preventing the stocking status for a product with a sales potential, tracking the best before date (BBD).


  • Qualified monitoring of the process between the supplier and distribution center
  • Improvement and acceleration of goods acceptance, store shipment and counting operations within the distribution center
  • Accelerating store acceptance operations
  • Product based search/find
  • Tracking warehouse and department stocks accurately and increasing efficiency
  • Best Before Date (BBD) tracking, management of LIFO, FIFO applications
  • Cold chain tracking; Monitoring of parameters related to environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity
  • Accelerating store inventory control counts, improving inventory accuracy rates
  • Shortening the service periods provided in the cash desk
  • Managing inventory control and EAS systems with a single solution via RFID
  • Measuring personnel performances and following up fixed assets

Smart Retail System


With the Paref Electronic Shelf Label, ANKAREF makes instant price changes in all products at the same time with the help of electronic paper labels that provide long distance communication thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology with a battery life of up to 5 years. It is used in many sectors such as markets, pharmacies, clothing and cosmetics stores.


  • The process automatically progresses between the label images designed according to the mounting accessories prepared in accordance with the shelves and departments, and the smart retail software module and the database where the prices are kept.
  • It has a high-resolution feature with built-in battery, working with Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • It saves time and personnel required for price change operation.
  • It prevents loss of income due to currency changes and sudden changes in prices.
  • It facilitates customer diversity and campaign management with the possibility of applying different prices according to busy days and hours.
  • It indicates the instant discounts with the LED indicator on it and enables the customers to turn their attention to the product while drawing attention between the departments.
  • It shows customers the position and prices of the products they want with the application on their mobile phones.
  • It provides the opportunity to apply special marketing methods that will enable the interaction between the customer and the product.
  • It supports the customer to call the relevant personnel in the products related questions.
  • It warns staff for critical stock level with cashier and shelf integration.

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