Securef is an RFID-based route tracking and control system that allows security guards to track the routes that they need to repeat periodically, how effectively they control them. Minimizes vulnerability through real-time location tracking via GPRS.

Securef, which can be used in all areas under security control from public buildings to military areas, factories to mine sites, provides effective and easy route tracking without adhering to area size.

Securef Features:

  • More economical than vehicle tracking and personnel tracking systems
  • Easy to use without depending on area size
  • Easy operation with NFC phone and simple system design
  • Real-time remote control with internet or mobile phone
  • GSM, GPS and NFC hybrid technology
  • 'Pay as you use' business model (cloud option)
  • Communication in secure infrastructure
  • Instant control of multiple checkpoints at the same time
  • Quick and effective intervention thanks to the panic button
  • Double-sided verification thanks to GPS and NFC