Deporef is a solution that enables the accurate implementation of processes that play an important role in effective warehouse management such as material counting, entry/exit, tracking, search/finding operations in warehouses, factories and stores where warehouse management is desired.

Deporef Features:

  • Project in accordance with benefit-cost analysis
  • Snapshot inventory view
  • Inventory tracking for dynamic/static addressing
  • Fully integrated operation with warehouse equipment such as forklift, reachtruck, high rack equipment etc.
  • Workforce gains with high digitalization in delivery operations
  • Effective inventory tracking in areas such as high shelf, ground stock, etc.
  • Compatibility with operations such as sorting/locking
  • Compatibility with high-automation warehouse systems such as ASRS/Kardex etc.
  • Warehouse management with RFID readers and RFID tags
  • Quick and easy search/find management
  • Real-time decision support systems
  • Staff-based authorization
  • Integration with ERP systems and providing instant operational data
  • Material, time and personnel based statistical reporting
  • Manage material sales based on location
  • Material based tracking
  • Product prioritization on inputs and outputs (according to expiration date or in accordance with the first in first out rule-FIFO)